Group 1 wasted no time jumping back on the bus to explore the sights of Cromer. We started by investigating the local church, completing an information treasure hunt and climbing the 172 steps to the top of the tower. Although many of us were out of breath, the spectacular view was well worth it. Next, we explored the town. By answering some rather tricky questions about Cromer's history, we were able to unlock a mysterious briefcase, and enjoy the treasure within.

Group 2 had a fantastic introduction to the woodland life exploring their senses and how differeent creatures view thier environment, through blindfolded forest tours, rainbow hunts and perception tests! We then tested our camouflage skills by building our very own hides, acting as prey avoiding the eagle eyes of Mr Bradley and his super soaker water pistol!

After a scrummy meal of sausage and mash followed by apple pie, we set off for our evening activity. We ventured into the woods armed with torches and listened carefully to our bat detector! Next, we walked through the fields to the church and listened to an amazing story from Tinkerbelle. On return to the center, the children got their pyjamas on and sat down for a lovely drink of hot chocolate before heading to bed for a much needed sleep!

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