We also swung over the perilous sea, and built shelter to protect us from ocean storms. These activities required us to use good communication skills and working cooperatively to achieve one goal as a united crew. To complete our training we embarked on an epic treasure hunt through the forest. Armed with only a map and a radio we bravely set forth to find 4 clues that would unlock Blackbeard's treasure and reveal our prize.

Group 1 spent the morning rock pooling at West Runton. We explored the beach habitat to find the different creatures that live there, such as crabs and sea anemones. We played a game pretending to be these creatures to understand how they survive and hide from their predators. After that we walked along the coastline towards Cromer pier. We saw how the cliffs had been made over time by investigating their layers and seeing how they've changed over time. After eating lunch on Cromer pier, we returned to the centre where we played several more games and ventured into the woods to build shelters.

Everyone has had an amazing final day, and cannot wait for the disco tonight!!

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