These messages came from Ong Ong Dot, an alien with green skin and purple antennae, who lives on the planet Durel, which is located near Venus. The first two were video messages introducing himself to the Earthlings to let them know that he was coming to Earth for a holiday. His last message was quite worrying as his ship had been struck by a comet shower!

On Monday morning, Mrs Smith went up to open the greenhouse and found a large pile of metallic objects. Some objects were recognisable like cameras and walkie-talkies, but others were not! She ran straight away to inform Year One! A few of the Year One children had said that they had seen bright flashes in the sky over the weekend, could that have been an alien spaceship crash landing or just a big firework? Also, a neighbour on Hillcrest Avenue e-mailed the school and reported a similar sighting.

Is Kibworth going to have its first encounter of the alien kind?

Tags: Year 5

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