This was a day everyone had been looking forward to. Who wouldn't like a boat trip to see the seals, digging for buried treasure and a trek across dangerous mud flats guided by Viking warriors?

Despite a grey start, the sky soon cleared and we were blessed with another glorious day of sunshine. As we clambered on to the seal boat, all the children were bursting with excitement. Once at Blakeney Point, the seals put on a great show for us, bobbing up and down alongside our boat.

After disembarking on the Point itself, there was a long, windy path to be negotiated before reaching the likely spot for buried treasure! Using their ancient map, Erik and Sven were able to figure out where they had left their gold and silver and, with help from the children, they managed to dig up the booty! All the children were rewarded with golden coins of their own.

To get back to base, all that was left to do was to trek through the squelching mud (barefoot of course!) and cross the knee high, freezing river. The long hike was finally over!

To top off another amazing day, everyone (including some teachers) let their hair down at the disco before finally dropping exhausted into bed!

Tags: Year 4

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