We had a fantastic day. On arrival the coach took us around the safari park. We were so excited to see Zebras, lions, giraffes, bears and wolves to name a few. We had an Ostrich who was very keen to meet Mrs Plant, pecking at her window!

Following this we visited the monkeys! Imagine our excitement when three of them climbed onto the top of our bus! After the road safari we had a picnic lunch as we were very hungry! Next was the foot safari. We went to the bird show first and Mrs Watson was very lucky to receive a present on her arm from one of the birds! We saw parrots and cockatoos who were able to bow and wave at us!

Later we went to see the Elephant show. We actually got to touch an elephant, Mrs Kent was more excited than anyone! A busy afternoon followed visiting the Wallabies, lemurs, penguins and seals. We had a fantastic day!

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