However, this time, we made the short trip to the pond at Rookery Close to study a local wetland.

The annual trip is part of the Year 4 Open Day so this gives the parents the chance to come into school and get involved! Once registration was finished, we headed down to the pond to take part in lots of different activities that gave the children the opportunity to look at the creatures living in the area. Pond Dipping and Specimen Hunting were carried out with great enthusiasm with a whole range of amphibians and insects being dragged from the bottom of the pond! Also, the children scanned the area for facts about woodlice - some of which caused great amusement.

Later on in the day, we examined the specimens and shared them with visiting parents under the visualiser, but only after Mr Whiting located the escapee frog hopping around his cupboard! Once the screams from looking at the snail had died down, the children got to work creating their own woodlouse. These contained the fun facts they learnt in the morning and were extravagantly customised and it would seem curly moustaches and top hats are all the rage in the woodlice world of fashion!

We would like to thank all of the parents and grandparents who were able to join us on the day and share in your children’s learning. Your support is much appreciated!

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