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This morning saw lots of excited faces in the hall, and it wasn’t just Mr Roantree! The week we’ve all been talking about for the last year has finally arrived- Year 6 were heading to the Peak District! After waving goodbye to parents, we hopped into our personal transport for the day and made our way up the M1. Traffic conditions were very good, and we were excited by some interesting sights on the way: blue cranes, McDonalds and a very large B&Q! After a couple of hours on the road, tummies started rumbling and our thoughts turned to lunch; however, we had the walk to the Hollowford Centre to complete our travels first.  

Once we arrived at the centre, it was all systems go: lunches were eaten; cases were taken to rooms; beds were made (yes parents, your children can now put their own duvet covers on!) and the children were introduced to their instructors for the week. Many groups stayed on site for the afternoon, with two groups testing out the temperature of the lake for the rest of week in raft building. Some children were putting their teamwork skills to the test on the obstacle course, whilst others were testing out their inner Tarzan on the zipline. A few groups were lucky enough to head straight out into the Peaks, weaselling, abseiling and climbing up Mam Tor- a lot of children have already faced their fear of heights. By the evening, we were all ready for our first dinner: sausages, fish goujons and mash (some children even ate vegetables!). Our evening activity this evening has seen us all snuggle down in our PJs and watch ‘Over the Hedge’. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us!  

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