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Kibworth CE Primary was judged as “Outstanding” by Ofsted in September 2010. Here are some of the highlights from the report:

  • Kibworth Church of England Primary School provides an outstandingly effective quality of education and serves its pupils and local community extremely well.
  • Pupils not only make exceptional academic progress and reach high standards but many of their personal achievements are also outstanding.
  • The school cultivates mutual respect and cooperation and promotes pupils’ confidence and self-esteem highly effectively.
  • The school is certainly ‘A place of discovery and friendship’.
  • The provision made for pupils is outstanding in every way.
  • All pupils feel confident they can succeed.
  • Standards have shown a high degree of consistency over recent years.
  • Pupils thrive in the school’s safe and caring environment.
  • Pupils feel safe, develop highly positive attitudes to learning and their behaviour is outstanding.
  • Pupil’s ideas make a difference to the smooth running of the harmonious school community.
  • The school’s success arises from the remarkably clear vision and purpose shared by the highly committed staff team.
  • Exemplary leadership and strong direction given by the headteacher, supported by an outstanding leadership team at all levels.
  • The school has a very clear understanding of its strengths and is consistently striving to enhance its provision and outcomes for pupils.
  • The school’s capacity to develop is outstanding [and to] maintain the high standards that it has set for itself and the excellent progress that the pupils make.
  • The school ensures pupils are prepared extremely well for the next stage of their education and lives.
  • Teachers use excellent subject knowledge to engage and inspire pupils.
  • Teachers have aspirational expectations of pupils.
  • The curriculum is of high quality.
  • Extra-curricular activities are wide ranging and very well supported because they are planned to meet the needs and interests of the pupils.
  • The school is a lead practitioner for the local authority in many aspects of curriculum design.
  • The inspirational leadership has ensured that motivation throughout school is high.

Click the link to download the Kibworth Primary Ofsted Report 2010 or, alternatively, you can also view the full report on the Ofsted Website.

Ofsted Section 48 Church School Inspection Highlights

  • A very successful Church of England school where Christian values permeate all aspects of school life.
  • There is an atmosphere of mutual respect, where achievements and success are celebrated.
  • An atmosphere of Christian love and understanding is evident in all aspects of school life.
  • Clear Christian vision and exceptionally strong commitment to its Christian foundation.
  • Relationships, based on care, respect and tolerance, between children, staff, parents, and the church are excellent.
  • The school is exceptional in nourishing, encouraging and challenging learners who are very confident in expressing their views and opinions.
  • Children speak of feeling valued, cared for and special.
  • The school fulfils its aim, which is to be ‘a place of discovery and friendship’.
  • Leadership effectively promotes a distinctive Christian vision for education.
  • Children have a very good understanding of the importance of Christian values in this church school and they are proud of its special status.
  • Children speak proudly of their ‘school prayer’.
  • Children and staff benefit from a very close, productive relationship with St Wilfrid’s Church.