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Our Staff


Gilly Paterson Headteacher
School Leadership and overall management of the school
Mick Beck Assistant Headteacher
Curriculum and Attainment | Assessment | KS2 Coordinator
Danielle Marks Assistant Headteacher
SENCO | Pupil Premium


Mrs Cartwright Class FSC
Foundation Lead | Maths Co-Lead
Mr Morgan Class FSM
ICT Lead
Mrs Tamgumus Class FSDT
British Values
Miss Dandalo Class FSDT
Diversity and Equality lead

Year 1

Miss Hancock Class 1H
Phonics Lead
Mrs Lopez Class 1L
Mrs Torpey Class 1RT
Mrs Rowe Class 1RT

Year 2

Miss Evans Class 2E
Miss Mason Class 2JM
The Arts Co-Leader
Mrs Winston Class 2W
The Arts Co-Leader

Year 3

Miss Lenton Class 3L
History Lead
Miss Binczik Class 3B
D&T Lead
Miss Scott Class 3S
History Co-Lead

Year 4

Mrs Watson Class 4W
Student Mentor
Mr Narborough Class 4N
Deeper Learning Lead | School Council Lead
Miss Hammond Class 4H

Year 5

Miss Parrott Class 5P
Science Lead
Mr Swingler Class 5S
Blended Learning Champion
Miss Baker Class 5B

Year 6

Miss Hyman Class 6H
KS2 Coordinator | MFL Leader
Mr Roantree Class 6R
Maths Lead
Miss Cornish Class 6C
Reading Lead


Mr Kostecki PE and Sports Teacher
PE and Healthy Living
Name Position
Mrs Bartlett Teaching Assistant
Mr Campton Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carson Nursery Nurse
Miss Craven Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Cording Teaching Assistant
Mrs Darlison Teaching Assistant
Ms Edwards Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Hartley Learning Support Assistant
Ms Hirst Learning Support Assistant
Ms Hodgetts Learning Support Assistant
Ms Jones Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kandola Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Kemp Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Lum Teaching Assistant
Mrs MacDonald Teaching Assistant
Mrs Withers Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sansome Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Shuker Teaching Assistant and Librarian
Mrs Spencer Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Tyrrell Teaching Assistant
Mrs Donoghue-Parker Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Johnson Resources
Mrs Pearce HLTA/TA
Mrs Lakin Family Support Worker
Mrs Rowland ELSA
Mrs Pinborough HLTA/Learning Support Assistant
Mr Norton Sports Coach
Mr Chambers Sports Coach
Mr Carson Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Swales Teaching Assistant
Miss Youngs Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Anderson Midday Manager
Mrs Rose Midday Supervisor
Mrs Fisher Midday Supervisor
Mrs Gibbins Midday Supervisor
Mrs MacDonald Midday Supervisor
Mrs Freer Midday Supervisor
Mrs Nicholson Midday Supervisor
Mrs Parmar Midday Supervisor
Mr Yowhans Midday Supervisor
Mrs White Midday Supervisor
Mrs Weston School Office Manager
Mrs Marsh Administrative Assistant
Mrs Rose Administrative Assistant
Mrs Anderson Cleaner
Mrs Bell-Young Cleaner
Mrs Dowling Cleaner
Mrs Nicholson Cleaner
Mrs Gibbins WAC Assistant
Mrs Kempster WAC Assistant
Mrs Phillipson WAC Manager
Mrs Scott WAC Assistant
Mrs Youngs WAC Assistant
Mr Haines ICT Technician
Miss Williams ICT Technician