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Christian Values at Kibworth CE Primary

Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams describes a school’s Christian Values as:

‘What is distinctive about a Christian based school. It’s something to do with ethos atmosphere and the way in which people feel valued.’
At Kibworth these values are integral to all our daily lives, how we teach and what our children learn.

Our school is a place where:

∗ Children and adults alike are engaged on a life-time’s journey

∗ Each person is uniquely valued, and their gifts and potential are nurtured and developed

∗ Each member of the school knows he or she belongs to all the other members and accepts the responsibility of caring for one another and for God’s world.”

∗ Christ is the centre of our school community where we live, love, and learn

∗ Our aim is to provide a safe environment in which a child is valued and in which a child can find security, acceptance, reassurance, and an opportunity to develop their potential. We aim to create a caring and happy community in which Christian values are upheld.



‘We teach religion all day long
We teach it in arithmetic by accuracy
We teach it in language by learning to say what we mean—yea, yea or nay, nay
We teach it in history by humanity
We teach it in geography by breadth of mind
We teach it in handicraft by thoroughness We teach it in astronomy by reverence
We teach it by good manners to one another, and by truthfulness in all things.
We teach pupils to build the Church of Christ out of the actual relationships in which they stand to their teachers and their school fellows.’

Below are our Christian Values, click on them to find out more about each one.