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Kibworth CE Primary School was judged ‘Excellent’ in it’s most recent SIAMS inspection which took place in February 2023

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

  • The vision is exceptionally well-embedded and is intrinsic in every aspect of school life
  • lives are transformed and pupils and adults flourish
  • Kibworth is seen as a beacon and held in very high regard
  • Pupils flourish exceptionally well as they constantly strive ‘to let their light shine’
  • parents feel that their children are highly valued
  • Curriculum leaders diligently nurture high levels of expertise amongst the staff team
  • Opportunities for spiritual development are woven into curriculum planning promoting a deep awareness and times for personal reflection and exploration.
  • Being a member of the Kibworth family is helping to change lives both locally and wider afield
  • There is a relentless compassion for others
  • The school community shines out as a light with an active and relentless passion for God’s world
  • Pupils passionately regard themselves as agents of change and campaigners for social action
  • The strong and effective leadership team have created a culture of inclusivity where every member of the Kibworth family is known and celebrated
  • Pupils regard school as a safe space to express their views and feel comfortable in approaching any member of staff
  • unwavering consistency in dealing with incidents have led to exemplary levels of behaviour
  • There is a deep sense of peace and watching over one another in love
  • Concern for mental health and wellbeing is a key priority and strength of the school.
  • Staff feel part of God’s family at Kibworth
  • Parents say staff go beyond their roles to ensure the best outcomes for their families
  • Collective worship is the favourite part of the day and fundamental to the spiritual life
  • Religious Education (RE) is led by an exemplary coordinator
  • Through immersing themselves in a deeply rooted and relevant vision, this vibrant school community is undeniably transforming lives by shining as lights in the world

Click here to download the Kibworth CE Primary SIAMs Report 2023

Click here to download the Kibworth CE Primary SIAMs Report 2015