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Phonics Information Evening


Home Learning

These are some online links for your children to access throughout the week.




Letters and sounds have released daily phonics videos on YouTube. You can start at ‘Reception- Lesson 1’. This will recap sounds your child has already been taught.

 Reception Lessons







If your child is working within or towards the ‘exceeding statements’ in maths, below is a link for some Year 1 maths work.



Curriculum Newsletters

Foundation Curriculum Newsletter – Spring 1 Dinosaurs 2022

 Foundation Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn 1

 Foundation Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn 2

The Big Little Nativity Songs

Track 1 - The Big Big Story

Track 2 - A Big Adventure

Track 3 - Knock, Knock! Who's there

Track 4 - Its gonna be great!

Track 5 - We are wise men

Track 6 - Here to worship him

Track 7 - Sing the good news!

Track 8 - Sing the good news!

Track 9 - The Big Little Nativity Overture