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Welcome to the EdTech Demonstrator Programme  

Kibworth CE Primary School & Discovery Schools Trust

EdTech Demonstrator Webinars

This academic year, Kibworth CE Primary School and the Discovery Schools Trust have curated a series a free webinars to support schools to enhance their blended learning offer.

What is the EdTech Demonstrator Programme?

The EdTech Demonstrator Programme is a free national peer-led network of demonstrators helping schools & colleges in England to develop and improve their digital strategies.

The programme was developed by the Department for Education to ensure schools and colleges across England could access free, expert advice on educational technology. The programme launched shortly before the Covid19 pandemic enforced an extended period of remote teaching and learning in the Spring of 2020.

Now in its second year, the EdTech Demonstrator Programme has evolved from crisis response to offer support to schools and colleges in developing digital strategies which make effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

How will the Ed Tech Demonstrator Programme help my school?

EdTech Demonstrators have supported schools and colleges in a wide range of areas including training, infrastructure, technical support, how to enhance learning with the correct digital devices, platforms and apps; implementing the use of one-to-one laptop devices and ensuring they are used effectively; working with schools on their modelling technique and assessment strategies and how EdTech can help them achieve that.

Whatever your requirements, your EdTech Demonstrator school or college will use an evidence-informed approach and will support you to implement sustainable changes that will last.

What is Kibworth CE Primary School’s involvement in the EdTech Demonstrator Programme?

Kibworth CE Primary School is an academy and enjoys the benefits of being part of the Discovery Schools Trust. We work collaboratively with other schools in the trust, sharing practice and resources, whilst focussing on an outward facing vision. The Trust’s curriculum has been enhanced by technology, the devices and apps have empowered the   children too making teaching increasingly effective and efficient for our educators.

Kibworth CE Primary School has a proud history of working with and pioneering remote learning.

The school has a long-term commitment to technology and supporting others to harness its benefits, having been the lead school in Leicestershire LA’s e-Pal project as far back as 2007. This project, to support more able pupils across the county, evolved into a leading role in the adoption of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and offered support to other schools with purchasing advice and setup support.

In 2019, Kibworth was delighted to be awarded EdTech Demonstrator School status and, since the start of the programme, we have worked with 93 EdTech schools, helping to develop and improve their digital strategies.


Kibworth’s EdTech Experience

After the adoption of Microsoft 365 in 2016, our online learning offer became more dynamic with all schools in the Trust developing the use of Microsoft Teams to develop virtual classrooms. All children in KS2 are now active users of Teams and are developing their own ePortfolios using OneNote. The use of Teams has also enhanced the curriculum using virtual field trips and live expert speakers. This has allowed classes to connect with experts from all over the world and have virtual tours of museums, historical sites, and zoos. Technology has also allowed the opportunity to take part in live Q and A sessions with subject experts. The Trust have similarly developed a virtual pupil parliament across the Trust and also offer staff CPD via Teams meetings.

Our Key Strengths
  • Microsoft Teams – The strength in a consistent structure and approach
  • Tapestry, and the child account in EYFS and KS1
  • How to support your preschool provision.

Our Trust is also happy for EdTech schools to visit. We will be delighted to arrange face to face training, whole school tours to observe blended learning in action and digital learning discussion sessions for teachers.


What support did Kibworth deliver in 2020-21?

Kibworth and the Discovery Trust offered a variety of guidance throughout the year.

Over the past year, we have:

  • Supported schools with remote learning and contingency planning.  Our team shared knowledge and advice about the online learning platform,  discussed planning and key documents and shared our policies and protocols.
  • Assisted with virtual staff meetings (bespoke to the school’s needs) and networks were offered. Some of the staff meetings were an introduction to remote and blended learning, others were planned over 6 weeks and supported whole school training needs.
  • Offered group training to smaller school
  • Delivered 1 to 1 support
  • Provided strategic support.  SLT meetings were delivered alongside running virtual network meetings for MATs.  The virtual training meetings covered a range of topics such as demonstrating how to use key apps, set up virtual learning platform, structure the pupil’s online workspaces in the Class Notebook, show staff how to teach online, remotely and in a hybrid-setting was an integral part of the support too.
  • Delivered a number of webinars to enable a flexible approach to support.  Teaching staff were able to join and share examples of teaching and learning too.
  • Held an EdTech Now and Next Conference.  Other EdTech Demonstrator Programme schools were invited to join as keynote speakers in the morning and in the afternoon, delegates were able to attend workshops.

How can I request Edtech support?

If you are interested in obtaining EdTech support as part of the programme, please complete the EdTech Expression of Interest form  or email jstone@discvoverytrust.org.

Once you have completed the form, your requirements will be reviewed and you will be matched up with the most appropriate demonstrator.  If you’d specifically like to receive support from Kibworth and Discovery Trust, please specify this on the form.

When you have been matched with your demonstrator school, your requirements can be discussed in more detail and a plan of action can be developed, based on your school’s needs and objectives.  If you require support for a variety of reasons, it may be recommended that you work with several partners to ensure that you receive the best support from specialists.

The level of support you receive will depend on your requirements. Maybe you need direction in a priority area for your school where EdTech would be a benefit; perhaps in recovery and catch up. Or, with more in-depth support such as adopting technology to support the wider aims of the school or college.

For frequently asked questions about the programme, click here.

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