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Due to School Closures due to CoVID19 we have had to update our admissions arrangements to reflect the on going situation. If you are intending to make an application for a mid year transfer please the see the information below. (This do not affect First Time Admissions for September 2020).

Discovery Schools Academy Trust (DSAT):

Admissions Arrangements During Covid- 19 Epidemic

DSAT (‘the Trust’) seeks to clarify admissions guidance to all schools in the Trust that will apply until the current government restrictions are lifted. Currently, schools are not operating in their traditional form and are only offering childcare to vulnerable children or children of keyworkers, as defined in the following government documents:



Consequently, the Trust is following the advice from the Local Authority. We are informed although you will be allowed to submit a transfer application to join one of our schools, unless you are a designated key worker or have a vulnerable child, your application will not be processed by Local Authority until the current restrictions are lifted.

In response the Trust has set out the following advice for parents during this time;

Families who have been allocated a place at one of our schools and were due to start after Easter must either;

  • a) Stay on roll of their current school. Your place will be held open and you will be contacted with a new start date when schools are officially reopened. You will need to contact your current school as they are responsible for supporting your child with remote learning opportunities during this time.
  • b) If your child is not on roll at any school, parents/carers can make the decision to temporarily home school and will need to inform their current Local Authority of this decision. To safeguard all children, failure for a child to be registered either at a school or be registered as being home schooled will result in the child being classed as ‘missing from education’ and risk the involvement of other agencies. In circumstances where a child(ren) have arrived from outside of the UK (or the family has re-located to Leicestershire) and does not have a previous UK or local school, the Trust (as advised by the Local Authority) will admit these children on to a school’s roll. This will be regardless of whether they are a classed as vulnerable (as defined in the above). Where the trust has identified them as children of key workers or vulnerable children the trust will offer the childcare.

For all other children we will make arrangements to offer an online education provision.

This document is not applicable to vulnerable children or children of keyworkers who attend a DSAT school from another school they are enrolled in on a temporary basis while their current school is closed.

DSAT Updated Admissions Arrangements April 2020

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